Re: [BCAB] Question re. Moving a file into a folder Tiddy Ogg 19 Nov 2012 19:14 GMT

I've never used that method for shuffling files.
Try selecting the file, push the applications key, (next to the right hand
ctrl key,) select cut from the menu and push enter.
Now select the desired folder, push the applications key, select paste and

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Hi, I use Jaws12 with windows XP and in the past have had no problems in
moving files into folders. I have just gone to do this and the option isn't
there. Normally I would select the file in my documents press tab, which
would then give me the option to either rename or move but nothing is there
when I tab. I went to the menu bar and have gone through all the options and
cannot find move to folder. I saw people talking about an upgrade to Jaws14,
has something changed. Susan Jones
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