[BCAB] preserving photos recordings etc. Graham Page 20 Nov 2012 08:09 GMT

Hi all.

What is the best way of backing up important documents such as photos,
recordings of family members, etc?

I am often asked this question but I'm not really sure of the answer.  The
solution needs to be relatively simple and straight forward and ideally it
should not involve moving parts.  The choices as I see it are cds or dvds,
sd cards or USB flash disks.

Which of these is the most reliable for reasonably long term storage?  Are
there particular brands I should look for?  I know for example that on
cheaper CDr disks, the protective covering on the part of the disk you write
to can deteriorate over time.  I realise buying good quality media helps a
lot but I would be interested to know which media is more reliable.



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