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My personal take on this is that you should back up onto more than one device to ensure the future proofing of the files and also to ensure that should one device become unavailable, you have something to fall back on.

Myself I back up onto a Windows based server I have at my disposal, an external Seagate drive and also some of the files I back up using Dropbox.

I am not happy myself with backing up onto devices which stand still for long periods of time.  Using the hard drive as an example, if the hard drive is placed elsewhere for a long time it is possible that heads may become stuck or the motor may go.  It is remote but possible.  Using cheap flash drives can be an issue, I have seen drives that just refuse to work for no reason.  That is why I like backing up files to a server which I know is functioning and continuing to run, and on a hard drive which is tested regularly.

Take also the example of hardware becoming obselete, 10 years ago we may have seen people backing up onto floppies or Zip disks, how many of these now could be read?  Not due to damage of the media themselves, but just because of the lack of floppy or Zip disk hardware around now.

I also like keeping some files off-site for storage, which is why I use Dropbox for the cloud based backup.

Hope this helps.

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Hi all.

What is the best way of backing up important documents such as photos,
recordings of family members, etc?

I am often asked this question but I'm not really sure of the answer.  The
solution needs to be relatively simple and straight forward and ideally it
should not involve moving parts.  The choices as I see it are cds or dvds,
sd cards or USB flash disks.

Which of these is the most reliable for reasonably long term storage?  Are
there particular brands I should look for?  I know for example that on
cheaper CDr disks, the protective covering on the part of the disk you write
to can deteriorate over time.  I realise buying good quality media helps a
lot but I would be interested to know which media is more reliable.



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