Re: [BCAB] Question regarding Apple i phone and VAT exemption for blindperson Jackie Cairns 20 Nov 2012 11:39 GMT

Hi Robin

This seems to be a very grey area.  Some say you can get VAT exemption, and
others not.  Indeed, I saw someone post to a different list, to which I am
not subscribed, stating they had contacted Apple officially, and was told
categorically that no VAT exemption is permitted on any product.  I think it
seems to depend on where you shop, and who you get on the day.

Good luck.

Kind Regards,

Jackie Cairns

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Subject: [BCAB] Question regarding Apple i phone and VAT exemption for

Hi list

I recall some messages confirming that VAT would not be charged for Apple
products with VO for blind purchasers.

As I am thinking of making the switch to an I phone I called the Apple store
in Westfield White City to check this.

The staff member said all Apple products with VO were VAT exempt for blind
and VI persons apart from the I phone!! I was surprised but wanted to check
with the list before challenging this.

Has anyone purchased an I phone recently and managed to get VAT exempted by
the Apple store?



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