Re: [BCAB] E-mail prblems with JAWS 13 Chris Cook 20 Nov 2012 12:25 GMT

Hi Jim,

In response to your first problem, this is something I've experienced with
JAWS9, XP Pro and Office 2003.

I often find that tabbing out of your inbox and back in again often cures it
at least temporarily. Another trick is to unload and reload JAWS and then
all the emails with your headers and subject lines are read correctly. I've
also found that sometimes if there's another dialogue box on the screen,
that this can make JAWS not read out everything; i.e. I sometimes have a
dialogue from Adobe Flashplayer saying that the update has finished
successfully. If this is showing, then I often just hear "unread" when
cursoring through my emails as you describe. As soon as I close the Adobe
dialogue, then all's well again. It might be worth checking with insert+F10
what's actually running when this problem next occurs.

I hope this has helped you a little; others with more technical knowhow will
doubtless have other ideas.

Best Wishes