[BCAB] VAT EXEMTION Steven Bingham 20 Nov 2012 20:17 GMT


For the definitive answer to what is or is not VAT exempt see


Although it does not really help much. The question is whether or not the
features for blind people on the iPhone have been specially designed for
them or whether they are considered a normal part of the product. A
difficult one and I can’t find that a decision has been made. Apple are
obliged to collect the VAT unless HMRC has agreed that the product can be
VAT exempted.

If a decision has been made and the iPhone is exempted then those of us who
have already bought iPhones can claim the VAT back through HMRC. It will
probably be a tortuous, frustrating and difficult process but it could
amount to £125+ if you have the 64GB version then it might be worth

It all depends on what has or is to be agreed between Apple and HMRC.