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Hi chris.

I would suggest Microsoft's Security Essentials antivirus package.

You can download it from the Microsoft website but an easier way is to use a
company called Ninite which lets you download versions of programs and
install them quite easily.

Go to
You will find a list of programs with check boxes next to them.  The easiest
way to get to security essentials is to do a screen find for Security
Essentials and when you find it check the box with space bar then press b to
go to the get installer button.

This will put you on a page with a link to download the program fairly near
the top.

It's a good idea to uninstall AVG before installing Security Essentials.

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Hi all!

I've been using AVG Free for a number of years now and am currently running
version 2013 with JAWS9 and Windows XP Pro. I have found it more and more
difficult to use and over the past couple of days, AVG has mistakenly
removed some system files which control my raid drives thinking that they
were infected (when they weren't) etc. This has rendered my two desktop
machines virtually useless and I'm now waiting for some help to get them
running again.

Has anyone else been having such problems with AVG 2013 please? what other
free alternative anti-virus programmes are there around? and which ones are
the most VI friendly? as I've had enough of the continuing hassle with AVG
and for a programme which is supposed to protect you with threats, it's
virtually killed me over the past couple of days.

Any help and advice gratefully received.

Many thanks and best wishes to all


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