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Hi Mo

You may care to use the module for creating Access Keys on the site
particularly for the items in the main menu. We use Drupal 7 for our sites
but there is a Drupal 6 equivalent module. This will ensure that one more
box is ticked in terms of ensuring compliance with A T software and
requirements. But even the standard theme seems absolutely fine, and I
agree, Drupal is an excellent CMS.


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Hi Susan.

I have built websites for people in the past, and am currently the manager
and web developer of the Vinux project. Take a look at our new site, built
with drupal 6 mainly the extra themes offered. all the themes have different
contrast settings, and the black and white one is sometimes more accessible
with screen readers though all 3 work fine.
the site's still in testing stages. If you'd like more information, please
don't hesitate to reply to me either on or off list. If you use a content
management system with accessible templates, you may find that's easier and
meets more accessibility guidelines than if someone codes for you manually.
I'm also coding a similar site for the Blind Voice UK organisation based in
yarm. they also wanted an accessible site and found it more convenient to
pay me as i would both build and conduct testing for them, as well as
provide support and hosting. take a look at the following link anyway and
let me know what you think.

all the best,


On 22/11/2012 20:06, Sue & Ian wrote:
> Hi, I am looking for some advice from those of you who understand web
> design and implimenting accessibility/usability from the start. I am
> involved with a small group who have just secured funding to set up a
> website and we want to make sure it is accessible and more importantly
> useable from a disabled persons point of view, especially using screen
> readers and magnification. Is there anything in particular we should
> be a, asking for and b, looking for, when dealing with web designers.
> Thanks Susan Jones

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