Re: [BCAB] Advice on free anti-virus software please! Laurence Taylor 23 Nov 2012 12:50 GMT

Hello Chris,

I gave up with AVG a year ago when their then new version completely
mangled Windows and proved almost impossible to remove.

I have since tried Avast and Avira, the former tends to be a bit
resource-hungry and both can take a very long time processing updates,
so if you're in a hurry for the PC to work, you'll be disappointed.

I'm currently using Kaspersky (free if you bank with Barclay's), which
so far hasn't given too many problems, but make sure you disable all the
automated scans or it will tie up the machine for hours. How
screen-reader friendly it is I dopn't know, but I suspect it might not
be (interface is very graphical).

If you want something that you can just install and forget, I would go
for the Microsoft product (used to be called Defender or Security
Essentials, not sure what they call it now). Doesn't hog the processor
and will happily update in the background without bothering you.