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I've just tried this and with my version of JFW (v12) this works.  The list
which George refers to can be obtained by cursoring down when on the accept
change button, or the reject change button.  These buttons are in the tool
bar which can be accessed using the alt key, then pressing ctrl alt until
you're in the track changes / review toolbar.  Then cursor right to the
accept / reject buttons, then cursor down for the list.

As George says, the toolbar needs to be selected in the view menu.

Thank you for this helpful information, George.

It would be good if our screen readers notified us when focus was on a
button that could be turned into a list, as this is not standard behaviour
for all buttons.


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Perhaps I'm not on the same planet here. My version is Word 2003 (SP3), and
so I did a little RTFM, since it had been a little time since I had used it
last in anger.

You CAN track changes and accept all changes, so that knocks that myth on
the head.  Exactly how you do this with the different screen readers, I
can't say as I'm about to head North.

You do however need to go to the View menu, and select Markup to display
this Toolbar.  You will need to have "Track Changes" active to see this.

In the Review toolbar is an "Accept Change" button - and here you may need
to use your screen reader's cursor - immediately to the right of this button
is a down arrow which, when clicked on, brings up a selection list.  The
list is as follows:

Accept Change - or letter a
Accept All Changes Shown  - or letter s
Accept All Changes in Document - or letter h

Sorry I can't be more help right now, but if push comes to shove, at least
you may be able to grab a sighted person to help.


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