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The 2.1 firmware is slightly more complex to upgrade to as you need to install it twice, and format the flash disk of the player.  It sounds like you have an XT as the XT contains the internal flash disk as well, it is the white model.

Is it not seeing the file when you go to the upgrade option in the menu?  Also, the 2.1 firmware has some folders as well on the disk, there are several files and olders all needing to be extracted to the root directory with the correct folder structure as in the Zip file.

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Hi everybody:
Hoping there is a proficient BookSense user out there.
I have an American Booksense and am trying to upgrade the firmware, currently I have version 1. I have I believe an xt model as it does have radio capability but on the hims site I also see mention of a BookSense SD.
I have tried to upgrade the firmware to version 2.1 which i downloaded from the site but when put onto the root directories of both the flash disk and the SD card, is not seen by the BookSense, though it is by my desktop computer.
I am at a loss to know what to do next. Any help at all would be appreciated.
Many thanks.
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