Re: [BCAB] Amazon - downloading an mp3 album David Griffith 25 Nov 2012 00:55 GMT

It is horrible.
It makes me laugh when they claim they have "improved the experience".

I think the step you have probably missed out on is registering your PC in
Cloud Player.
Basically you have to register your computer as a "device" on the Amazon
Cloud Player before you can do anything.

Once your device has been registered you can download.
I could only register my device with awkwardness using the jaws cursor. It
is not directly accessible with the keyboard.

There is also an option in either the cloud player or somewhere in your
Amazon account setting which you again have to find with the Jaws Cursor, to
automatically download the mp3 files you purchase.

Once you have registered your PC and   set up this option you do not need to
go near the horrible cloud player again.

Basically every time you buy an album a small Amazon Downloader file is
saved into my downloads folder. Opening this will start the Amazon
/Downloader's and everything will be downloaded just like it used to be.

David Griffith

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Hi all,

Times move on, and even this simple operation has become complicated,
despite having downloaded the downloader, I then:

Hit enter on the album, which, incidentally, doesn't show as a link.

Then I get the album, plus the tracks, with checkboxes against each. I want
the album, so tick the box, all the tracks then become ticked, very clever!

When I finally hit the download link, nothing happens.

Anyone had a similar experience? I'm using IE8.

Many thanks,


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