Re: [BCAB] Labelliing Documents Yusuf 25 Nov 2012 09:44 GMT

It depends on how large the documents are. if they are small enough you
could put them in those plastic clear folders and label them. If they
are too large for that you could use the cardboard folders and put
labels on them. I guess you could use ring binders and separate each
document with a cardboard insert with a label on the cardboard.
Labelling would work for Braille or large print.

On 24/11/2012 17:50, Gerard Sadlier wrote:
> Hi all
> What is the best way to label documents once you've printed them, so
> that you are sure what each document is, if you have a lot of them?
> I am thinking particularly of the preparation of books of authorities,
> briefs etc.
> Ger