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[BCAB] Programming settop box remote controls to control the TV Kevin Russell (26 Nov 2012 10:28 GMT)

[BCAB] Programming settop box remote controls to control the TV Kevin Russell 26 Nov 2012 10:28 GMT


I wonder if anybody can help with this.

I got my Goodmans talking settop box via the digital switchover scheme. An
engineer came and set up the box.  He programmed my settop remote to also
control my TV.  This means that the remote control will change the TV's
volume and switch the TV on and off.

I now have A TV-Onics box.  I've programmed the remote to do the same.
However, I can only turn off the TV with the remote.  It won't turn the TV
on.  Interestingly, the Goodmans remote control will always switch the TV
into standby mode an switch it on again.

Does anybody know if this is a known issue.  The TV is a Sony model and
quite old.

Also, how do the codes work.  The Goodmans lists 4-digit codes whereas the
TV-Onics lists 3-digit codes.  Does this mean that the codes listed are
unique to the settop remotes.  I appreciate that what is being sent when a
code is entered is a signal that emulates the rmote of the TV, but are the
appendices of codes listed in the Goodmans and TV-Onics manuals unique to
those products or is there a standard list of codes.  If the latter, why
are the codes three digitts in the TV-Onics manual and four digits in the
Goodmans manual.

Many thanks in advance.



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