Re: [BCAB] Labelling Documents Jackie Cairns 26 Nov 2012 11:07 GMT

Hi Ger

Lots of people have their own methods of labelling documents.  I have
recently taken to using an RNIB Penfriend to do this.  I either store
paperwork in cardboard folders or plastic sleeves.  I stick the small round
Penfriend labels on each folder and record something pertaining to that
documentation, or even label the documents themselves by sticking a label on
the top left corner of the correspondence in question.  I used to do this a
lot with Braille using my Dymo gun, and that is a quicker method in some
ways because I can feel the folder or document more speedily than waiting
for the Penfriend to turn on and then skim the paperwork with the nib.  But
label in whatever way you are more comfortable.

Kind Regards,

Jackie Cairns

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Hi all

What is the best way to label documents once you've printed them, so that
you are sure what each document is, if you have a lot of them?

I am thinking particularly of the preparation of books of authorities,
briefs etc.


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