[BCAB] Introducing my self, and grab a possible bargain for christmas Mobeen Iqbal 26 Nov 2012 21:28 GMT

Hi All.

Some of you may have seen me on other lists, but for those of you who
have never met me, my Name Is Mo. I'm a hardware techy, and spend my
time evaluating products for accessibility and training as well as the
services offered below. I am offering the below services as a favor to
both VI and sighted people, purely because i have the equipment left
over and expertise to do so. You could say its market research before
going self employed. If you'd like a personal history, drop me a note
off list lol i won't go in to anything else here. here's a quick summary
of how i can help you, as well as the obvious free advice of course,
talk is free after all!

video conversion:

We all have videos lying around since the days of the betamax and VHS
wars! The quality can quickly deteriorate over time, so why not have
your videos converted today? Shops will charge you £15 or more per tape,
i charge per project the more tapes you have, the cheaper it will be per
tape. You can request your output saved to either DVD, hard disk, or both.

audio conversion:

Ah, good old cassettes. All those evenings spent in front of the Hi-Fi
copying audio books or cassettes of songs. Well, they were if you were
me. Again, time takes its tole on the quality so why not have your
cassettes converted today? The pricing will depend on how many cassettes
you have, but again they will be highly competitive and your total cost
will be for the project, not per cassette.

computer building:

Fed up with the time your computer takes to start up? feel like giving
it the boot? why not order a custom built computer today? With prices
from £150 for a brand new dual core computer, now's the perfect time,
especially with Christmas fast approaching! There's something to suit

I haven't got enough money for a brand new computer though! its alright
for you!

Don't worry. after all, Its that time of year again, Christmas. Time to
try and find enough money to pay for all the presents, food and lets not
forget the decorations. But what if you need your computer to find the
best deals? computers don't have to cost the earth. with prices from £40
upwards on both laptops and desktops, there's something to suit
everyone. so, go ahead, treat your self!

computer repair:

OK, so i haven't been able to tempt you with new computers, or helping
the environment by buying a second user computer. No problem, get your
old one fixed. Computer shops routinely charge a bomb for something
that's simply fixed by a software re installation, a new power supply,
or simply a punch yes, computers have come on by me hitting them but i
won't go in to that. It was a school computer, honest, I'm innocent!
Sick of windows vista? upgrade to windows7 or downgrade to windows XP.
Upgrade your computer's hard drive to speed it up, or choose the
cheapest method and go for a ram upgrade. Get in touch today for a
competitive quote.

website testing/building:

Need advice on building a website? maybe you want to improve your
existing website. maybe you're just starting out. Get your self a
discount on web hosting today. you're only paying $8.25 per month for 12
months. that's just over a fiver a month!  with everything unlimited and
i mean unlimited and access as standard to advanced features like SFTP
and ssh,, i can send you a referral. The company i use is called dream
host, and they have been extremely reliable and accessible ever since i
started using them 3 years ago. I can also offer a hand installing and
getting your website up and running, you can even sit back, relax with
your cup of coffee and watch me build it for you.

PC support and health checks.

Book your computer health check today! Maybe your PC was fast when you
bought it, but now its slowed down to a crawl. No problem at all. Within
an hour or so, it could be running really fast again! For as little as
£30, book your PC tune up today. at the moment, pricing is subject to
change, but again I'm ensuring you get a cheaper deal than competitors.
Or maybe you need support to solve a problem. For as little as £10 a
session, you can stop worrying and we will have to hope your PC doesn't
explode while we try and find a solution. Most problems are solved
within an hour, so don't hesitate get in touch today.

disk recovery

Finally, we've all been there. Unable to read from the source file or
disk, a person's worst nightmare. Luckily though, help is at hand. I can
help you to get your data back. 9 times out of ten, we've always had
success in the past with customers disk drives and  floppy disks. If
your disk is a lost cause, we'll tell you before hand to save you
sending it and spending any money. Again, prices are a lot cheaper than
disk recovery companies and all data is recovered to another hard drive
for your convenience. I do not store or retain your data or go snooping,
so you're in safe hands.

And as i said, talk is free. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss
anything in relation to the services offered, there is obviously no
charge. I can call you back at your convenience.

This entire email makes it look like I've written to these lists to
promote my self, so my apologies to the moderators. If the policy of the
list is not to have emails such as this sent, then i will make sure not
to post in this way in future. I've always believed in helping people
out wherever possible, and this seemed like the ideal opportunity to
introduce my self on this list where the access UK policies aren't enforced.

If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading, now back to reality.