Re: [BCAB] WEB IE Joe Paton 26 Nov 2012 22:02 GMT

Hello Richard,

I don't think there is anything simpler than webbie.  However, it
does seem to be plagued by changes in the bbc streaming components,
which can be changed by BBC site developers without informing
alastair king the webbie developer.

If everything stayed the same, it would be a great suite of
programmes, and straight forward to use.

Acording to the web site, flash is still required, that may be where
your comrades problem lies.  A reply to a note to webbie support
should tell you which other third party components webbie uses,
visual basic runtime or microsoft framework.  I use these as examples
only.  I doubt the webbie installer is corrupt, I used it Sunday.

Good luck,


At 20:43 26/11/2012, you wrote:
>I'm helping someone who wants to use iPlayer and BBC streaming.  It seemed
>to me that the Webie prog might be the answer.  I installed it on my own
>machine to see how it worked these days, and was told there was a missing
>file.  Does it still work OK, or is there a simpler answer for someone who
>isn't particularly experienced with his PC?
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