[BCAB] Friendly reminder of list Guidelines Barry Toner 27 Nov 2012 11:24 GMT

Hi folks,

Following a recent email of a commercial nature in way of an
introduction, we at BCAB thought it would be helpful to remind all
subscribers of our list Guidelines.

Discussion list guidelines

The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) Discussion list
guidelines. If you have any questions, please send an email to

1. Before sending a message, think about whether most people will find
it interesting. If it's mainly aimed at one person, then it should be a
private message.

2. Saying thank you is always polite, but sending individual thank you
emails to each person on the list who has helped is unnecessary. Send a
personal thank you off list, or send a single thank you email to
everyone on list instead.

3. Be civil, do not be offensive.

4. Remember who the list is for, is the topic something which is likely
to be specifically of interest to members of the list?

5. Emails sent to the list are held in a publicly available archive,
before sending a message consider whether you are comfortable with this.

6. Keep your email on topic, if the subject of your email changes,
change the subject line.

7. Do not post private messages from individuals, or communicate private
information, without the clear consent of the owner.

8. Advertisements of products and services cannot be placed on this list
without the permission of the moderator. Short emails pointing to
adverts and new information are welcome.

9. No top quoting. Many access the list from work or in circumstances
where we need to read messages as easily and quickly as possible. Top
quoting and other erroneous characters make this hard to do and in a lot
of cases, stop people from reading what you have to say.

10. While we all enjoy a good laugh, people need to access the list
information as quickly as possible, so please avoid posting jokes,
anecdotes or miscellaneous information.



Discussion List Moderator

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ICT Assistant

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