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I'm using one at the moment, and the keyboard takes a bit of getting used
to.  However, unlike some keyboards, there is a clear delineation between
keyboard and number pad. I bought this one from the business section of pc
world, and made sure that I had a go with it before purchase. The numpad is
as per normal, with 4 keys at the top, respectively page up, page down, home
and end.
I'm very happy with it,



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I'm always a bit particular about the keyboards on laptops I buy.
Therefore I've always went for Toshibas, but I've seen a lovely HP
online.  This will be a work laptop purchased through Access to Work.
It's a 15.6", so it has a numpad.  It makes me a bit nervous not being
able to see the laptop before hand mind.

What are peoples opinions?  Here's the link to it,

HP ProBook 4540s



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