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Re: [BCAB] Word Document Template Richard Godfrey-McKay 28 Nov 2012 09:55 GMT

Re: [BCAB] Word Document Template Richard Godfrey-McKay 28 Nov 2012 09:55 GMT

Colin, Is this what used to be in the options menu under the general tab in
Word 2003, where there's an option to start in reading mode which needs to
be unchecked?  Just a guess which may or may not help.

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I have looked to resolve this before without success but it is becoming a
real pain.

On both my word 2010 and word 2007 programmes on different machines.

When opening documents, they are opening on 2 pages at very reduced zoom

This can be very confusing when using screen reader and although I can
resolve by going into view ribbon it is time consuming and I don't always

Is there a setting or template I can adjust please to set how documents open

Thanks as always


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