[BCAB] Tvonics Freeview set top box and recorder Agent Orange 29 Nov 2012 16:13 GMT

I don't have one of these devices myself, but I know several listers do, so
perhaps someone can help answer this question.

Would there be any problem if one were to turn the mains power to the
TVonics box off at the wall socket, after use?

I don't watch all that much TV, so I wouldn't want to keep it on all the
time.  In fact, I always turn my equipment off at the wall socket.  That
includes TVs, DVD player, HiFi, most of my computer equipment, etc.  This is
good for the environment and keeps energy bills down.

But I vaguely recall someone saying that this would or might cause some
problems with the Tvonics box; something to do with the box being slow to
write data to the hard drive.

If that's right, does the problem only occur if you've been recording

Can anyone shed any light on this based on experience, please?