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[BCAB] problems with MVDA Paul Roberts (04 Dec 2012 00:24 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] problems with MVDA Alex Stone (04 Dec 2012 00:39 GMT)

Re: [BCAB] problems with MVDA Alex Stone 04 Dec 2012 00:39 GMT

Sight loss, doesn't apply to me, as I've never have it, I hate the term on
so many different levels that it's hard to explain.

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Subject: [BCAB] problems with MVDA

HI all,
I'm passing on the following from a friend and his Mum, who have sight loss.

They are having problems, so if anyone can hlep, please do get in touch.

I downloaded NVDA and the following happened:  I didn't realise at first
that NVDA had caused it and had XP reinstalled ... TWICE!

1.  System Restore will no longer restore.  When I try to do so it goes
through the motions then says "Your computer could not be restored.  No
changes have been made."

2.  Outlook Express still works but if I switch to another identity the
emails download but the body text/graphic and attachments don't..  When I
then try to switch back to the original identity the messages panel is
empty, so I can't manage identities.  In order to switch I have to exit and
log off that identity and open again in the new one.

Any help to solve this problem would be very gratefully received.  Thanks


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