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Re: [BCAB] Kindle Neela Burke 04 Dec 2012 12:28 GMT

you might consider whether you would like to download Kindle for PC accessable version free just to familiarise yourself with the functions and TTS male and female. This would then give you the opportunity to browse and or purchase a nook or two to see what you think. As for helping your Dad the KK is the only Kindle accessable to blind. However if you do not need to use the KK there are a range of hardware available which are touch screen. For example your Dad may like one with a back light. Think George Bell has one like that. Not every book is text to speech enabled on the KK but apparently text to speech works for all books when read on Kindle for PC.
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From: Barry Toner
Sent:  04/12/2012, 11:30  am
Subject: [BCAB] Kindle


There's been allot of chat about this and I've got lost in it.

I'm wanting to buy my dad one.  He can see, I can't.  I'll eb charged
with setting it up for him and showing him around it, and possibly
purchasing some books.  Which model will give me the best speech



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