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[BCAB] wireless headphones Tassie da hiphop kid (09 Dec 2012 13:33 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] wireless headphones Laurence Taylor (09 Dec 2012 23:20 GMT)

[BCAB] wireless headphones Tassie da hiphop kid 09 Dec 2012 13:33 GMT


I am looking for some wireless headphones for a range of uses. I plan to
use them for screen reader listening, music on my portable CD player and
computer and basic sound editing such as improving quality of youtube
downloads and making sound compilations with wave pad. I know the top
quality for sound editing are expensive but i am only able to spend a
max of 40 pound. I am looking for wireless headphones that have a
transmitter to plug in to a headphone port and then sync with the

Hope i have been descriptive enough.