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[BCAB] FW: ** STOP PRESS ** New Price on Trekker Breeze GPS from HumanWare Europe Jackie Cairns (11 Dec 2012 11:27 GMT)

[BCAB] FW: ** STOP PRESS ** New Price on Trekker Breeze GPS from HumanWare Europe Jackie Cairns 11 Dec 2012 11:27 GMT

Thought the below might interest some people.

Kind Regards,

Jackie Cairns

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From: Kirsty Tilley []
Sent: 11 December 2012 09:27
To: Kirsty Tilley
Subject: ** STOP PRESS ** New Price on Trekker Breeze GPS from HumanWare

We are very pleased to announce a significant price reduction on the Trekker
Breeze GPS, a satellite navigation system designed specifically for blind
people to use.

The new price is £325 and includes the latest postcode software and the very
latest UK & Ireland maps containing the locations of thousands of commercial
points of interest such as banks and restaurants.

By just turning the Trekker Breeze on you will start to receive audio
information about what’s around you and the names of any streets and
junctions as you approach them. The Trekker Breeze can be held in the hand;
attached to your waistband; carried across the body on the strap provided or
even carried in the pocket of your jacket. It comes with a small, discreet
lightweight speaker which can be attached to the lapel of a jacket or shirt.

With Trekker Breeze you’ll always know where you are at just the press of a
button, and be able to very easily find a particular shop, bank, restaurant
or pharmacy etc. If you know the postcode of where you want to go this can
be entered and Trekker Breeze will create a suitable route for you based on
whether you are walking or navigating for a driver in a vehicle.

You can record as many landmarks or routes as you like and Trekker Breeze
can also be used in open areas such as parks, fields or university campuses.

If you travel by bus, just keep the Trekker Breeze switched on and you will
automatically hear the names of any streets that you pass, the name of the
road you are currently on and any landmarks you have recorded. Now you can
travel on the bus, stress-free, without having to try and remember where you
are and without having to rely on the bus driver or a fellow passenger.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the Trekker Breeze GPS. It is so simple to use,
but to use it independently a person must have good mobility skills with
either a long cane or Guide dog as Trekker Breeze is not designed as a
mobility aid.

To join the thousands of Blind people who are using the Trekker Breeze on a
daily basis simply contact our sales office on 01933 415800 between 9am and
5pm or order online anytime at
l> <>  . Included in the box is
an audio tutorial to help get you started.


Kirsty Tilley
Customer Services Supervisor

Russell Smith House 2 Bullmatt Business Centre, Northampton Road, Rushden,
Northamptonshire, NN10 6AR

T. 0044 1933 415800 ext. 232

F. 0044 1933 411209 <blocked::>


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