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[BCAB] Sluggish TVonics Sunil Peck (12 Dec 2012 10:15 GMT)
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[BCAB] Sluggish TVonics Sunil Peck 12 Dec 2012 10:15 GMT


The speech on my TVonics box has become sluggish to the point where it takes about 45 minutes for it to announce the channel number, programme and next programme when I switch channels. So it'll start talking, pause, pick up again several seconds later, grind to a halt and struggle to the end of the info.

It's also taking ages for anything to happen when I press the library, menu and TV guide buttons.

The only thing I've done recently which is anything from the norm, is that I set it up to record Match of the Day on Sunday. When the programme was about half way through I switched to it and wound it back and watched from the beginning while it was still recording.

I can't think why that might have affected it but it's only started playing up since then.

I only have three pages of programmes stored on the hard drive. One film, and a few 30 and 60 minutes programmes.

If anyone could suggest what the problem might be and how I can fix it I'd appreciate it.


Sunil Peck
Journalist and Web Content Producer
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