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Re: [BCAB] advice and views needed on Talk Talk service Joseph Paton 13 Dec 2012 09:54 GMT


I am currently working with a talktalk subscriber, who has had a poor
service, in terms of reliability of service, and dropouts, for 18 months.

I won't go in to further details here, however, the problem still
exists and is not resolved.  She would have left them long time ago,
apart from the contractual obligations she signed

If you've signed already, then this is of little comfort to you,
unless you have a cooling off period.

And yet, talktalk is hugely successful. so are there mor satisfied
users than dis satisfied?


  At 00:38 12/12/2012, you wrote:
>Hi everyone.
>I have just had to sign a 12 month contract with Talk Talk, as they
>are the only company apart from BT that provide a service in the
>area i am hoping to move too. I would like to hear from anyone that
>has been or is with talk talk, what your experience has been, how
>often your service goes down, calls to technical support, what the
>support is like, etc? am i going to be dealing with indians who
>can't understand a word i'm saying and who are down right rood? No
>offence to any people that may reply, if its any consolation i'm
>Asian my self! oh for the days of UK customer support. any views welcome.
>all the best,
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