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Re: [BCAB] Outlook 2010 appointments. Adrian Higginbotham 13 Dec 2012 16:55 GMT

Hi Nick:
I think how auto scheduling works depends on what version of exchange you
are connecting to rather than necessarily your version of Outlook. I was
using Outlook 2010 and exchange 2007 until recently and had the find
next/previous slot buttons as you describe but then we moved to exchange
2010 and I experienced this same set back.

There is still an Auto scheduler but it isn't anything like so convenient to
When you open a meeting request and add invitees (be they people or
resources) the scheduler is in a payne on the right of the screen which you
can access by using the f6 key, that's a windows keystroke rather than a
screenreader one so should work for you too. Within that payne are 3
controls which you can tab between. each is a list, . I'm not on a works
machine at the moment so can't check exactly what they are but one is to do
with availability of the resources you have invited, another the people, and
the 3rd something else. Each of those lists contains suggested time slots.
You do also get some info about how good a match a suggested slot is e.g.
how many people can and cannot make that time. I can't recall if that is
within the item with focus or if that is what is in the 3rd control. have a
play and get back to me if you can't work it out.  One particular problem
that I have with this way of working is that within the listof suggested
time slots, jaws doesn't tell me what day or date that slot is on so if
there's a slot at 4 pm followed by a slot at 11 AM, I can't tell if it's at
11 AM the next day, or 11 AM on a day 6 months later.

once you think you've found a good slot use f6 to cycle back round to the
appointment view, this is where you'll find out in the date window if you've
ended up scheduling a meeting on the 20 December 2013 rather than 2012 and
have to start over.

I'd be interested to hear how you get on, I've found it more workable than I
thought it was on the day we changed over but still an arduous process. One
of the few things that makes me pleased to be the one getting invited to
meetings rather than doing the inviting.

Adrian Higginbotham
T: @AHiggi

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Subject: [BCAB] Outlook 2010 appointments.

Hi All.
I've recently been upgraded to office 2010. I really dislike it, but that's
probably because I'd gotten so used to 2003.
Most things I've been able to work out however scheduling appointments in
outlook 2010 seems really hard work.

I've worked out how to add attendees and can add all possible rooms. In
outlook 2003 I could select to automatically find a time and date where all
required people and 1 resource was available with the upshot that outlook
looked at peoples calendar and was able to find a time when everyone was
available and could find a meeting room which was free. Is there a similar
function in outlook 2010? Can anyone give any hints about a good way to
schedule meetings?

All our rooms are managed as resources and their calendars can be seen and
booked up by any user on the system.
This really shouldn't be so hard! <grins!>

Thanks for any ideas.

Nick Adamson
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