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[BCAB] urgent exernal hard drive help need Tassie da hiphop kid 14 Dec 2012 00:50 GMT

Hey y'all.

I have a 2 tb fat32 hard drive which i regularly use between a
windows 7 and xp computer with out issue.  Now suddenly i plugged
it into my windows 7 laptop and get the message "you must format
the disk before you can use it." I tried it in the xp computer
and it didn't see the drive.  The only thing i can think has
caused it is my niece pulling the usb cable out mid way through a
Now here's my real problem...  What can i do  to fix this.  If i
format the disk i'll lose 2 tb of photos, music and programs -
quite a lot are irretrievable such as videos of my late father.
Also the drive will become ntfs which i do not want as then it
will not work on my braillenote however i can't access the
contents of the drive at present.  I know that the hard drive
isn't damaged so it has something to do with a corrupt
communication file.

Can anyone help me out?