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Re: [BCAB] Windows 8 Native Accessibility Neela Burke 14 Dec 2012 09:36 GMT

Do indeed post your podcast Mo. I have listened to it and it makes your point very well. Perhaps Windows 8 is best on touch screen

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From: Mobeen Iqbal
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Hi John.

Having worked in training visually impaired people for a number of years
now and having used windows since the 90's, i have to say that i do not
like windows 8 and given the choice, i would not recommend it to anyone
that's sighted or indeed visually impaired. Windows7 came out not long
ago and people are still transitioning, and now they have yet another
operating system to get used to. Narrator on windows8 is still as slow
as it ever was, they may have made it a bit more useable but i had to
install NVDA on my windows 8 test machine before i felt i was getting
anything done! I know we can't stay with windows7 for ever, but i'll
stay with it as long as i can. As for my clients that are using
windows8, if they have to stick with it i'd recommend installing a tool
like classic shell, which allows you to switch between the standard
windows8 start menu and revert back to a more conventional start menu.
If its of any help, i can post the recording of the podcast i made shortly.

all the best,


On 13/12/2012 19:40, John Farley wrote:
> Hello list,
> A group I am involved with is looking into replacing our existing 5 PCs for
> classes we run for local visually impaired people.
> Up until very recently I had discounted using Windows 8 PCs and was looking
> at the various free and purchased options for screen readers on  Windows 7
> PCs.
> The students are not taught anything complicated, just standard internet
> access and office usage.
> I have recently listened to this week's In-Touch with an article on this
> very subject.
> Leoni Watson gave a good review on it.
> Does anyone have any ready-to-hand information on the use of native Windows
> accessibility that I can pass to the committee?
> Some documentation and even a video clip or two might be of help.
> Many thanks in advance.
> John Farley

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