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[BCAB] Popout Player. Sandra Gayer (14 Dec 2012 21:47 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] Popout Player. Chris Cook (16 Dec 2012 10:10 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] Popout Player. Paul Roberts (27 Dec 2012 14:10 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] Popout Player. Chris Cook (27 Dec 2012 16:02 GMT)

Re: [BCAB] Popout Player. Chris Cook 16 Dec 2012 10:10 GMT

Hi Sandra!

I have the same problems as you with the pop out player on the BBC. I would
strongly suggest using the standard player, as at least you can wind
forwards and backwards with that. When in the standard player, if you press
the timeline button, which you can tab over to, then graphics appear in 1 %
increments. By pressing g with JAWS or by tabbing, you can cycle through
them. When you've reached the one you want i.e. 10 %, then you can hit enter
on it. If this doesn't work, I've found that routing JAWS to PC cursor and
then hitting enter does the trick. It's far from ideal though and does
require a lot of patience.

I hope this has at least been of some assistance.

Best Wishes