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[BCAB] itunes problems (19 Dec 2012 23:26 GMT)
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Re: [BCAB] itunes problems Barry Toner 20 Dec 2012 09:01 GMT


I've just tweeted this on our Twitter feed @WeAreBCAB

Part 1 of 2 on using #JAWS with #itunes 11 (also useful for other Screen
Reader users) from #freedomscietific #a11y

Might be wwortha  listen.


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Firstly, I haven't seen any messages on here about Itunes 11 for windows
and am wondering what people think of it.  I'm now more used to it, but
it took me ages to work out where to find things.  I guessed that
everyone either uses it on a mac or doesn't bother with it on a computer
at all, or maybe you like it.  I was speaking to someone else who's an
access technology trainer and he hates the new Itunes.  He uses
magnification software and he says he can't find anything.  I don't know
what software he uses though.  Also I did master deleting podcast
episodes off my ipod Touch, but it's much easier in my view deleting
them off the computer and syncing the Ipod up.  I wish I could get rid
of empty podcast folders that will never be used again though.

Now on to my major problems with Itunes.  I'm using Itunes 11, which
I've just updated with windows 7 64 bit hp edition and Jaws 14.

I've got many podcasts in my Itunes library, so many that I've had to
move the library from my pc to an external hard drive 'cos I ran out of
space.  Up until this morning, they carried on downloading as normal,
but now when I try to open Itunes, Jaws freezes completely, and NVDA
works to a point, but it can't read anything in the Itunes window.  Tab
and cursor keys appear to freeze too.  The external hard drive keeps
whirring, but I'm not convinced I'm still downloading.  I also can't
navigate properly through menus and programs.  I know there's still room
on the external hard drive, but I'm wondering if it's because there's
too much for the ram or my processo to cope with.  If that's the case,
how can I delete podcasts if I can't even tap round to them?
This happened before and after downloading the latest update to Itunes
11.  Before I moved the library to my external Hard drive, Itunes was
taking an age to open and was doing the same thing but it did eventually
open.  Jaws however didn't crash altogether.  I've also noticed that
there is apparently 2 libraries on my external hard drive, even though
there was only 1 that I copied.  Any ideas what I can do please?


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