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[BCAB] more on itunes and external hard drive 20 Dec 2012 20:11 GMT

Well, it seems the plot thickens.  I haven't had to order a new hard
drive as yet 'cos I remembered I have a spare 1 big enough to hold my
Itunes library which is being copied over now.  I copied my damaged
music files back onto my pc as I saw no point in keeping them on a
damaged disc.  I thought I'd just try playing 1 of them from my pc and
it worked properly.  Somewhat surprised, I then tried playing first a
different song from 1 of the albums where I first noticed the problem,
and that song worked.  I then naturally tried playing 1 of the corrupt
songs and it didn't work, and subsequent songs played earlier also
didn't work, but then i tried again and they worked perfectly.  seems
like all my songs are now fixed, but apparently they are now playing
properly on the exterrnal drive too.

Well, it's good to have a 2nd backup of my Itunes library when I
finally get that done, but I'm somewhat confused as to what has been
going on.  I've since tried getting Itunes to wok again using my
original external hard drive library and I'm back to the old problem
again of Itunes not working.  If I press Insert and B in NVDA, it reads
out that there are buttons and a few radio buttons, but it doesn't say
what they relate to.  all cursor keys, tab, alt and applications keys
do not respond at all.  I've also tried a demo of Windoweyes and
there's no response with that either.  What also worries me is that
when I made a new library on my pc to get Itunes open properly again, I
can't find podcasts or books in the tree view any more.  I only find
music, movies and tv.  This is Itunes 11.0.1.  As Itunes is frozen and
I can't even shut it down, I can't go into the store to see whether you
can still purchase podcasts, and google is yielding nothing relevant.
I wisxh Apple would just leave it alone.