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[BCAB] new install of windows 8, and just a couple of very small quick questions please Roadster 21 Dec 2012 10:44 GMT

Morning all

I installed windows 8 on my old desktop yesterday, as I wanted to try it out
before deciding whether to put it on to my new laptop.

I actually quite like it, and it's not taking that much to get used to.

I'm using jaws 14, fully updated.

I thought I remember someone talking about the two different versions of
i.e. that are preinstalled, the full version and an app version.

If I open internet explorer, it goes straight to my Google home page, but
after that, nothing will read out on that page, it just appears blank.

If I load Firefox, that works normally as it should.

How do I find out which version of i.e. is loading.  Is there a difference
between the two?  Does jaws work better with one in particular?

Also, in the second lot of tiles, the one that has the various pre-installed
apps such as the weather, news etc., though jaws will read out the text that
is already there, if I click on any of them, then nothing will get read.  I
can see that it has opened, but as I say, nothing else will read out.

I have to say, I'm sure I'm not imagining it, but since installing windows
8, this old desktop seems to be running quicker than it did before,
everything is just so responsive.