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Re: [BCAB] Ie9 windows 7 Mobeen Iqbal (21 Dec 2012 15:47 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] Ie9 windows 7 Joe Paton (21 Dec 2012 16:12 GMT)

Re: [BCAB] Ie9 windows 7 Mobeen Iqbal 21 Dec 2012 15:47 GMT

Hi Joe.

If you ppress your windows key, press escape, and alt enter on the start
button, it'll bring up task bar properties. make sure your task bar
properties are set the same on both machines, there are various options
including combine buttons or do not combine, maybe that's the setting
you're looking for?


On 20/12/2012 22:55, Joe Paton wrote:
> Hello,i e 9, windows 7 32-bit.
> On 2 identically configured machines, 1 will display each open window
> in I E as a button on the task bar, the other, displays 1 button
> called drop-down, and the open windows are there in a list rather than
> individual window buttons on the task bar.
> Obviously I've missed something because I would expec both browsers to
> behave in the same way.
> So is this a windows 7 setting, or I E?
> Much appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Joe