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Re: [BCAB] Solution To TVonics Tuning Problem stephen thacker 21 Dec 2012 21:29 GMT

Hi, I have a Toshiba tv and just about to get my box, so this is
very welcome, thanks, merry Christmas and happy new year, Steve

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>Yesterday I received my TVonics box from the RNIB.  I followed
>instructions on how to set it up, but once it started tuning,
nothing else
>happened for over half an hour.  Eventually I went to the
Access-UK list for
>help and a list member, Mobeen Iqbal, very kindly helped me to
>the problem.  I thought I would post here to let other list
members know
>what the problem was and the solution we found, in case it is
helpful to
>someone else.

>I had connected the Tvonics to my TV using the supplied HDMI
cable.  I'm not
>particularly familiar with TV equipment, so when the instructions
in the
>manual didn't work as expected for me, I was at a bit of a loss
as to what
>to try.  With Mo's help we got my TVonics working by using a
scart cable
>rather than the supplied HDMI cable.  Mo then talked me through
how to check
>the HDMI settings to make sure there was nothing which needed to
be altered
>and then also tried to get the box working through HDMI once it
had been
>tuned in.  We didn't manage to do this, which is most likely the
fault of
>our Toshiba TV, but scart is working perfectly.

>I would like to thank Mo publicly for giving up around half an
hour of his
>time in helping me out.  This is the first time I've had any
contact with
>Mo, but he was extremely helpful and his knowledge of the TVonics
box is
>amazing.  He can also explain things in a very clear and concise
manner.  Mo
>is certainly an asset to this list.

>I have just successfully made my first recording with the box and
>forward to getting plenty of use from it.


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