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Re: [BCAB] ASDA SITE Léonie Watson 22 Dec 2012 23:39 GMT

I can't comment on the Asda website, but if Okado delivers in your area I'd
definitely recommend them.

They price match with Tesco, and they also have a range of passes to help
you save money. We have the delivery pass because we shop there weekly, and
it reduces each delivery to about £2 over the course of the year. We also
have one of the saving passes, which gives us 10% off about 600 items.

Okado also has some nice customer service touches. They text you reminders
about the deadline for editing your order, and they text yu on the day of
delivery to let you know the name of your driver, the registration of the
delivery vehicle, and whether you have any missing items. If you have more
than three missing items, they phone you instead.

Every single one of their drivers has been pleasant and courteous. They
always offer to carry the shopping through to the kitchen for me if that
would be helpful. Customers are regularly invited to rate the driver who
delivered their shopping, and it seems that they give out a driver of the
year award.

They send you a receipt by email. It's a PDF which hasn't  been tagged, but
it's still readable with a screen reader. The receipt also tells you which
products should be used on the day of  delivery, within 24 hours, within a
week and so forth.

The website is easy to use. The only accessibility problem I've come across
to date (which I've reported) is that you can't select a rating if you're
reviewing a product.

Hope this helps, even if it doesn't answer your question directly.

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Hi, Just been looking at this, since I'm fed up with some of the Tesco
products at the moment.

Any ideas on whether the accessible site is the way to go or not?  I use the
main Tesco site now.


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