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Re: [BCAB] BT Infinity installation Matthew Horspool 24 Dec 2012 10:35 GMT

Hi Kevin,

Yes, you should be able to log into your BT home hub using a 192.168.x.x
address (though I can't remember the specific one off-hand).  It might also
be worth asking the technician for the admin username and password before he
goes.  I'm not sure whether the same is true of the modem (they are separate
bits of kit).

RE software - if you're comfortable with the 192.168 approach, you shouldn't
need any.  Windows should automatically detect an internet connection on an
Ethernet port (unless it's disabled or there's no drivers or something), and
if you're connecting wirelessly the wireless information is printed on the
bottom of the router - just ask the engineer to read that and you should be
good to go using the normal connect to wireless network procedure.  In my
experience, most router software just configures stuff in the web interface
(network name, password, etc) so users aren't scared by the full 192.168
page.  I suppose it also checks for driver incompatibilities and the like
but you already have a working connection, so there shouldn't be a problem

I'm not sure about your last question but is your current connection with
BT?  If so, I suspect not.  If not, I also suspect not, but I suppose
something might go amiss at some point while account details transfer from
one provider to the other - you'd have to ask someone more knowledgeable
than I.

All the best,

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In the new year, I'm moving to BT Infinity.  An engineer will  be visiting
me to set up the installation.  BT is providing a new router and modem.

My questions are:

Will I still be able to log in to my new router in the way that I can with
my current one, using a 192.168 etc. web address.

I'm guessing the engineer is going to use an installation CD that uses a BT
installation software package that will set up the appropriate router and BT
settings.  Is this software accessible or could I encounter problems.

Will my current ADSL service be affected prior to the installation date,
say, the previous evening.

Any advice or tips are very welcome.

Many thanks.



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