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[BCAB] I phone Gerard Sadlier (25 Dec 2012 13:47 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] I phone Léonie Watson (26 Dec 2012 12:32 GMT)
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Re: [BCAB] I phone Léonie Watson 26 Dec 2012 12:32 GMT

The book I found invaluable when I bought my iPhone was Getting started with
the iPhone from NBP. The new version of the book has been revised for the
iPhone4s and upwards, so if you'll be getting an iPhone4 (rather than
iPhone4s) you might want to get in touch with them to see if the original
version of the book is still available.

I have a Bluetooth keyboard that I use when I want to type something a bit
more lengthy than a text. Much as I don't like typing on a touch screen,
it's still easier to use the touch screen for short messages than it is to
faff around with a keyboard. I have a RII mini Bluetooth keyboard which is
roughly the size of the iPhone, and which has tactile keys. It costs about
£25 (+VAT).

One tip with typing on the iPhone is to switch typing modes. By default you
have to double tap each key to enter it. If you switch to touch typing mode,
simply lifting your finger from the screen selects the key your finger is
resting on. You can switch typing modes by using something called the roter,
which is a way of choosing different settings when you're doing something.

In terms of apps it's a bit more subjective. I use apps for the services I
use regularly, like BA, Sky, Audible, Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter (I
recommend Tweetlist for Twitter), Skype etc.

I use an app called Money Reader, which uses the iPhone's camera to identify
notes in either Pounds, Dollars or Euros. For news I use RSS Runner, which I
use to add news feeds from the likes of the BBC and so forth.

VizWiz is a useful app. You can take a picture of something with your iPhone
and record a question, before sending both off to anonymous web workers or
your social networks, to get help answering the question. I've used this to
figure out air conditioning controls in hotel rooms, identify the contents
of tins from the food cupboard and all sorts of things.

Navigon is a good GPS option, but it's expensive in app terms. Somewhere in
the region of £30+ if memory serves. If you go for Navigon, it's worth
getting the UK postcode finder app too. Navigon doesn't let you find an
address by postcode, but the add on app hooks into Navigon to bridge that

Fleksy is an app that helps make typing easier. It costs about £10 I think.
It does make typing easier, but I don't like using it that much because it's
not integrated into the iPhone itself and editing the text you write is a

The best place for information about accessible iPhone apps is the AppleVis

Hope some of this helps. Plenty of iPhone users on list though, so post any
questions you have as you go along and I'm sure we'll be able to help.


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I am getting an I phone 4 in the next few days.
I have a few questions:
1 how best to learn how to use the device in the shortest period.
2 should I get a blue tooth keyboard?
3 what apps should I get, what would you recommend.

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