[BCAB] Wireless Router Advice Agent Orange 06 Aug 2013 09:27 BST


Looking for some router advice please ...

My broadband is supplied by TalkTalk via a standard telephone line, so I
assume it is some form of ADSL.  I access the internet from an XP machine
via an Ethernet connection to a SmartAX MT8200 router which was originally
supplied by TalkTalk several years ago.

In future, I would like to be able to access the internet from both XP and
Windows 7 machines using both a wired Ethernet connection and a wireless

I have spent some time looking at routers, but the choice is enormous.  Can
anyone point me to a specific model which might be suitable?

I am looking for something which is wireless N compatible, and has 2
Ethernet ports.  Speeds of 150 to 300 mbps will suffice.  It does not need
to comply with the latest gigabit or wireless AX standards and it does not
need to have USB ports or card slots.  Good encryption, a built in modem and
hardware firewall  and an accessible UI via a web browser are a must.

If there is a model with a switch to turn the wireless off whilst using the
wired LAN connection, that would be welcome too.

I have checked with TalkTalk, but the router which they "recommend" called
the Essentials Router turns out to be the Huawei HG523A which appears to
have received rather poor reviews from TalkTalk customers for it's
performance, so I would rather avoid that if possible.

Any help would be much appreciated.