Re: [BCAB] A question for windows and jaws users M Lakhani 10 Aug 2013 18:19 BST

I'm assuming here that you're also planning to buy/upgrade to  the latest Jaws as well? We've covered buying new machines on the list before. If you're on Jaws 14 or higher, then Windows 8 will be accessible. Windows 7 is also accessible for versions of Jaws greater than 10! You did say new for your desktop. Also I'm going to assume from your email that you're upgrading from XP, but please Bernard, correct me if I'm wrong! :)
With the above, I'm firstly inclined to say that you'll not find as many new machines using Windows 7 & this rare number is declining by the day! Windows 7 is a wee more similar to XP than Windows 8. Win 8 is designed for touch screens, but the keyboard & mouse do still work the same! If you're not keen on touch, then Jaws 14 is fine. Else, wait till 1st September & your jaws purchase will entitle you to Jaws 15 (new Jaws purchases only) & jaws 15 resembles using VoiceOver as stated at sight village!
Quite honestly, I've not had any problems with win 8. IE10 & Firefox both work well, as does Office 2010 & 2013. You can use iTunes & many Daisy software, & also Skype! You can rip DVDs with external drives, read Kindall books on the accessible Kindall for PC, & PDF also works! The only downside of this OS is that it's a slightly different layout to XP than win 7, but we are getting that start button back now!
Win 7 also works really well with jaws. You can use office 2007 & higher (office 2003 support is being pulled next April along with XP ). This system isn't designed for touch. IE & Firefox, PDF, iTunes, Kindall, are all supported! Keyboard & mice will work as usual!
Both OS support Braille displays just fine!
If its specifically a desktop you want, then there's a new kind of desktop that's all the rage with win 8. This is the all in 1 desktop, which can be thought of as a giant tablet, ie no separate CPU, & you can even transport it in a bag. They come in 15 inch + sizes, weighing from 5-15lbs. Or you can get a laptop, NetBook or tablet hybrid if you want something portable, & if screen size isn't an issue!
If you're not considering a jaws upgrade & are currently using jaws 13 or less, then windows 7 is your option by default. If you want the latest & greatest, go win 8. Bare in mind that either way, you'll be using a new OS.

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On 10 Aug 2013, at 10:43, "Bernard" <> wrote:

> Morning all,
> I am about to make the new step of buying a new desktop PC and was debating which software operating systme to go with. Essentially which is the better Windows operating system to go with between Windows 7 Pro or the latest Windows 8.+? I am using JAWS and am totally blind, and do a fair amount of internet, E-mail, Word and Excel and of course, the usual things like music, reading and so on that one does on a PC.
> Any advice would be really appreciated as there is so much out there and just so expensive I don't want to buy the wrong thing.
> Bernard
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