Re: [BCAB] A previously opened document list for Windows7? Xoidarmy 14 Aug 2013 10:16 BST

Hi Ian.
Try this.

1. Press windows M to get to the desktop.
2. Tab to the start button and press applications key and choose properties.
3. Press the customise button. You should be focussed on it straight off.
4. There's a tree view of various display items you can change. Press R, and
you should jump to the recently opened items option. Press R to select it.
5. There are a couple of other options you can tab to, otherwise press OK.
6. Next time you go into the start menu, there should be a recent items,


One other thing you might not be used to yet but I find incredibly useful.
The search function in the start menu. If you know the name or part of the
name of the document, application  or control panel item, just type it in.
Then you can right click / applications key on the result to find out it's


Chris Turner
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I've just moved over to Windows7 from XP and one of the XP facilities I am
already missing is the "Documents" list on XP's Start Menu.
This list contained short cuts to the last 15 documents that had been opened
regardless as to which program had opened them.
It was a really quick way to get to regularly used spreadsheets, doc or txt
files etc. without having to either go into the relevant program and use its
list of previously opened files, or digging down into the various folders
under My Documents.
Is there any way of getting a similar facility in Windows7?

Thanks for any insights.

Kind regards, Ian.

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