Re: [BCAB] The Sky Accessible Site and Remote Recording Problems Darran Ross 20 Aug 2013 21:37 BST


This is much better news, I hope that the guys working on it get back to you
with some good news.

I really don't enjoy moaning about Sky, especially as they have done a lot
more than many others to help us, but I do get annoyed with them at times
like this. times when we point out problems and they reply with, oh yes
we'll look into that, and then do Nada! Or as in my case, reply with
complete nonsense!

Anyway, I remain hopeful that the accessibility team will do their thing and
I'll get my remote recording facility back, sooner rather than later,
fingers crossed!


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When I looked at the website after you mentioned it before, I discovered
that the remote record link isn't keyboard accessible. This isn't a screen
reader issue at all, although some screen readers may actually be able to
overcome the problem.

Assuming this is the same problem that you reported, the reply you've
received from Sky is nonsense. I reported the problem with the remote record
link not being keyboard accessible to Sky, and they have since replied to
confirm they're looking at solving the problem.

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Hi List.

Some of you may remember that a couple of weeks back I mentioned on the list
a problem that had cropped up with Sky's accessible site and the setting of
remote recordings. Well I've just had their response to my     email sent at
that time, here it is;

Hi Darran

Thank you for contacting our Accessible Customer Service team.

I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue with the Remote Record link, I have
spoken with our New Media department to check on this issue for you, and
they have explained that it is a compatibility issue with the screen reader,
and that due to this, we would not be able to offer any assistance.

I hope this information has helped with your enquiry. If you require any
further assistance, you can respond to my email. You can also contact our
Accessibility team on 08442 410 333, where one of our advisors will be happy
to help.


So there you have it. Even though I'm using the most up-to-date version, of
what I believe to be the world's most popular screen reader, the faults
nothing to do with them. The fact that this screen reader did work with
their site until they changed it, doesn't seem to have registered. So thanks
for contacting us and all that, but tough!

And this is what I mean when I say that Sky does an awful lot of talking the
talk when it comes to accessibility, but they're not so  great at walking
the walk. Yes, they've done a great deal, their AD service in particular has
been fantastic for me, but I've drawn several problems with the accessible
site to their attention over the last two years now and things that were not
right back then are still not right now.

Sorry to bring my griping to the list, I know there are many who despair of
those of us who cry inaccessible at every juncture, but I have paid Sky a
great deal of money over the last fourteen years, and I don't believe I'm
asking for the world! An accessible site that screen readers can use isn't
asking the impossible in my humble opinion.

That's it from me on that, and in the meantime if anyone can come up with a
solution for my previously mentioned problem, please share. Here's the
original email to the list by the way, just to prompt the memory of anyone
who's stuck with me through this wee tantrum. Notice how they just ignore
the other points I raised as well.

Start Quote:

Hi There.
I've been for the most part a reasonably happy user of the Sky accessible TV
listings site, especially as it has allowed me to set remote recordings.
However, I logged on yesterday to set up a couple more recordings only to
find that something has changed and I can no longer do this.
The link to select a programme for recording has gone, and as a result of
this so has the confirmation for a remote recording request page. Sorry,
that was a bit wordy, but I hope you get my meaning.
Could you please get back to me with an update ASAP as I'm really missing
this particular facility. Hopefully this is just a glitch and something that
can be quickly rectified.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to again draw your attention to the
fact that I am unable to set any recordings for channels like Sky Atlantic.
The system is determined to select the HD version of channels for any of my
requests, I'm not a HD subscriber so I just get blank recordings!
I first mentioned this to you back in January and then again in March/April,
nothing has ever been done about it. Is there any possibility someone might
get around to having a look at fixing this problem too?
I'm using IE 10 with JAWS 14 as my screen reader just in case this is of
Darran Ross
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