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Thanks for the very helpful email.

I am thinking of getting a laptop and so may get in touch about this at some

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: Hi everyone,
: I have recently purchased a new desktop and laptop computer through
: Mobeen Iqbal at the following mail address:
: As you all know, the choices and what would be the best value for money
: can be decidedly confusing and leaving one wondering if you had been
: taken for a ride or spent money unnecessarily especially for us blind
: folk. So after some enquiries, I contacted Mo above, and asked him for
: help in sourcing my new kit and telling him what I wanted on it, and
: what I wanted the machines for. He then did all the research into
: current availability and gave me a list of what would best suit, and
: best value for money. In short, Mo did all the hard work and I was able
: to buy my equipment in the knowledge that I had not been ripped off and,
: importantly,  I hadthe the right kit to do wnat I wanted. On top  of
: this, Mo then loaded and configured my kit and software to my
: specifications, checked all the software that came with the machines,
: and then had it all sent to me, set up and ready to go, as soon as it
: arrived at my house. To do all this, Mo only charged me a very modest
: fee which I feel was certainly worth every penny with the peace of mind
: it all gave me.
:  A lot of frustration and domestic upset was avoided doing everything
: this way, and best of all, it all worked from the word go after setting
: it up at home.
: I can very definitely recommend Mo to anyone wanting any form of
: computer help, be it in sourcing new kit or, in resolving software and
: hardware troubles. Mo does do support if required and is contactable at
: any time.
: Bernard He is a member of both the BCAB and Access lists and can be
: contacted via those means to.
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