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I've had access to both ZoomText and MAGic for quite a long time.  For some reason, I found MAGic easier to get on with, and the combination of magnification and speech of that program suited me better.

One advantage MAGic offers over ZoomText is the ability to connect to a remote server and maintain speech and magnification.  This is not at all offered by ZoomText, and is, by JAWS by the way.  However, MAGic remote won't work if the remote server is a virtual machine under VM WARE, a particular pain in my work environment.

So by now you're thinking I'm an advocate of MAGic?  Hmmmm, ZoomText is, in my view, and always has been, a far more stable piece of software.  Also, ZoomText enables you to push the license back to the server which could be handy if you wish to use the product on several machines, although MAGic provides this by way of allowing multiple installations - within reason!

Finally, since MAGic version 13.1, I've had quite a bit of communication with support due to problems with various aspects of the software - I'm pretty unhappy with it at the moment.


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Hi all.

I am regularly asked about which is the right magnification package to use with JAWS.  I can't see the magnification so can't try out the features in person but I've generally suggested Magic because of it being owned by Freedom Scientific.  However, since AISquared and Freedom Scientific were both merged into VFO group, I wonder which horse to back?

I think it's vairly obvious that if there is a choice between window-eyes and JAWS they will go with jaws, even if it's rewritten to include best features of window-eyes.

How about the magnification/screen enhancing package though?  As with the screenreader I would have thought it was a waste of time to develop 2 in the long term.  The question is, which to back?  Is zoomtext far better than Magic?  If zoomtext is made to track well with JAWS, and keyboard conflicts are resolved, which is the better package?  I know of course there are other screen magnifiers but I'm interested in which will win out of these 2 for now.  I suppose Zoomtext is the most popular. Anyone got any strong opinions either way?  Jonathan Mosen touched on this in the FS Cast but he's virtually part of FS so he doesn't always push for answers as much as we might like.





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