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I have used this security certificate few years ago, and in first instance I was not able to read some crucial information under my account with Santander at that time.
I remember I have contacted customer support and they point me to a specialist who, fortunately, was able to guide me step by step with Jaws navigation commands included how to sort out that problem. From that moment I never had problems any more.
I am remember this just because I was so surprised to find out somebody able to talk to me in a language which the screen reader users use regularly.
I think was in 2011. Probably things was changed significantly since that time. Don't know.

If you have a security solution installed into your computer and you trust in it, avoid that certificate offered by Santander.
What is important to know, in terms of secure bank transactions are as following:
Your antivirus and antispyware to be up to date at any time
Be sure the address where you land on is really a genuine web address of Santander which must to be something starting with https and have to have included into it.
Simply go in address bar pressing alt D and read carefully the URL.
Don't reply or click on any link coming via e-mail which ask about authentication or to re-confirm your bank details, or unlock your account.

Keeping this in mind you'll be OK without that Certificate.

All the best,
Adrian Tamasan

Best Wishes,
Adrian Tamasan.

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HI, Santander, my bank, has just suggested that I install

Trusteer Rapport


I wondered if anyone could advise me as to whether it is going to be accessible and useful?



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